Friday, March 12, 2010

Liz Kolb - #macul10 Cell Phones in Learning Part 2

Liz Kolb - #macul10 Cell Phones in Learning Part 2

1:1 program at Liz's school ran out of funding: sustainability is huge!

Announcing her picture on the fly contest from yesterday's session - Using Google Forms for voting! Winner is Pic of texting while driving "technology don't"

  • moving letters scrambled. Text in a word you could make.
  • Tied to a billboard in NY Times Sqaure
  • Works from the website as well
  • Global answers being posted in real time

  • students could do a keyword business campaign
  • create keyword cards for scavenger hunts
  • text kithard to 50500  for mine

  • no student login needed
  • create visual picture boards (make a collaborative digital story)
  • Allows for cross posting to blogs and wikis without having to embed! (Very cool)
  • I (Kit) started using this after went to premium model
  • Useful in Language classes

  • Create a local # for calling
  • Only associates with a real phone # once you set it up
  • Set up groups and give custom greetings (post assignments, have students respond to a question or prompt)
  • FREE calls to Canada!
  • Read your voice mail messages, listen to them on the web or your phone
  • Have students call the number, then associate their name and assign to a group
  • You can receive and send texts for FREE! (Can only send group messages to 5 at a time)
  • You can record phone calls (document and archive a parent phone call) It will announce to both parties that the call is being recorded
  • Record an interview
  • Google Voice Video tutorials

  • pre-built scavenger hunts for some museums or public places
  • build your own
  • create geo-located virtual tours, games, interactive experiences
  • uses keyword texts
  • School Orientations (Oohs and aahs from the crowd)
  • Set time constraints on length of games
  • Send out time warnings (5 minutes before field trip ends)
  • Stagger starts
  • Works with text messaging, web interface, and smart phones
  • You can embed clues and hints
  • allows random or linear clue delivery
  • Video feature is on the way
  • you can assign grades or points to submissions

  • Uses qrcodes or 2d barcodes
  • Only about 60% of current phones have the ability to read qrcodes
  • Link homework help, weblinks, contact info, using the qrcode posted on website or printed (student pulls out phone and takes picture of code rather than getting a handout)
  • Paste in your class syllabus, student takes pic, they can read it on their phone
  • Math teacher using qrcodes on all assignments

  • make an avatar on the website and then narrate from a phone
  • having an account allows you to edit or save recordings
  • uses a 1-800 number
  • Create an historical character for history class

  • Generate a podcast for any website url and a corresponding phone # for students to call
  • Use when internet access is unavailable

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