Friday, March 12, 2010

Alan November - #macul10

Alan November - #macul10 

Adding technology to a classroom will not change learning by itself

Teachers do not have the right information they need to teach well

Students do not have the right information they need to learn well

Neither Teachers or students have the right relationships

Schools continue to look the same after another decade of technology

We are all a bunch of "techno lusting nerds" in a "technology ghetto"
  • makes it hard to see what needs to change

Why did the majority of the people in the room get the wrong answer to a question which we should have all been able to answer correctly?
  • When someone has a misconception it is very hard to change that learning
  • unlearning?
  • The mental model could be inaccurate or incomplete

If I (the teacher) do not understand the students misconceptions then all new related learning is lost to that misconception
  • We have to unteach before we teach
  • Students are passing assessments without understanding the important fundamental principles taught
  • Is Alan "unteaching" us right now? I'm not sure.
  • Showing a chart where the right answer has a plurality of the correct answers but the total of wrong answers is higher.

Teacher's do not have the right information at the right time to teach effectively
  • Too much is invested in the teacher delivery method
  • We have to invest in getting the information needed to be learned

Research shows that mistakes made on homework gets baked in and is reflected in assessments.

Talking about "teach naked" method of instruction - Class time is for doing the work and home is for...(didn't get a clear answer)

How do I correct a misconception if I know what the misconception is?
  • Teacher's don't write the text books which are doing nothing to address and specific misconception
  • Suggests using google queries and tagging to get at the right questions we need pose to students to get at the misconception
  • We want the students to come up with the questions too

  • Tutorials created by students
  • Giving up control over learning

Every teacher is a learner and every learner is a teacher
  • Just dissed smartboards (Hearing that a lot today!)
  • We have underestimated the child's value to contribute to the learning

High Tech High School in California
  • Students are given a list of the most difficult terms to learn in that class
  • Students are challenged to use any means necessary to learn and teach those terms and concepts
  • screencasting, screencasting, screencasting
  • David Britten
    RT @TGustafson: RT @concretekax: My list of free, online screencasting tools #macul10

Start bringing 2 students with every teacher to Professional Development
  • Teachers pay more attention (accountability)
  • Students dive in, ask interesting questions, don't want to wait to get started

Global Connections and Video Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Video Conferencing!
  • The grandmother network
  • Start in Kindergarten in every school

Roles for Students - the class note taker (google docs), project at end of class and generate discussion of strengths and missing information, correcting misconceptions.

  • Solve any equation and shows the steps
  • search technology is disruption our notions of Control 

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