Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cool Cat Teacher - #MACUL10 Victoria Davis: Se...

Cool Cat Teacher - #MACUL10 Vicki Davis: Seven steps to Flatten Your Classroom

Knowing where to focus: Our plates our full.  How are we going to add global collaboration to our to-do-list

How do we tackle problems: Find a few vital behaviors and change them; everything else falls in line.

Kaizen = Japanese Slow,Steady, Improvement

Pick your big 3 from this conference.  What will start doing immediately. Monday!

Influencing deep beliefs
  • NOT Lectures
  • NOT Personal Action
  • Yes, Vicarious Experience (watch someone you trust doing something you fear or resist)

What is a Flat Classroom?

Eracism Project - Voicethread debate
Digiteen Project - Digital citizenship project

10 World Flatteners - outsourcing, technology, etc.

Marzano - Ideal group setting (3 students) but the flat classroom project uses 6 person groups
  • using time differences and scheduling variance to reduce negative impact of 6 person groups

Showing a rubric for student produced video
  • All students must produce their own Video (producer)
  • The outsource part of their production (partner) 

    • collaboration sometimes breaks down but learning still occurs

Education is still stuck in the silent movie era

Showing examples of student video work; students as video currators pulling in authentic global voices.

Worst problem with online writing is verbal "diareah"
  • Importance of being conscise
  • Using Contextual Hyperlinking
  • Not Social Networking: Educational Networking
  • Online presentation skills using webex, dimdim, Adobe Connect
  • Using one jpeg image and online presentation to summarize project

Five Phases of Flattening your Classroom - see presentation diagram
  • High expectations
  • Intra connected (classroom)
  • Inter connected (classes - school)
  • Managed global 
  • Student to Student (with teacher management)
  • Student to Student (with student management)

There are finite # of International Schools
  • Who ever builds those relationships first . . .
  • Use connections to friends over seas

7 Principles
  • Peer review is crucial
  • Diversity
  • Personal Learning Networks (RSS is huge, tagging #WHS)
  • Citizenship and Problem Solving (effective techno personal skills)Teacherpreneur's Environment
  • Customized and Differentiated

    • Online existence (answer your e-mails, communicate)
    • Digital Citizenship is required to be taught if you receive e-rate funds

  • IT improvements
  • All stakeholders working together

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