Friday, March 12, 2010

John Sowash - #Macul10 Wiimote smartb...

John Sowash - #Macul10 Wiimote smartboards for $100.00

Smartboards allow students to get up and interact with their environment
  • Physically engaging
  • Encourages higher order thinking skills
  • Improve motor skills
  • Interacts with Web 2.0
  • Reduces sage on the stage instruction

Johnny Chung Lee - The originator of the wiiboard

Josh made his own ir pen 2 years ago.
  • could be good electronic class project but otherwise ... 

Now there are commercial made ir pens available.

IR lights don't light up light an incandescent bulbs.  Use a digital camera or video camera to see the light. is the least expensive option
Irpensonline for elementary - no clicking needed

Requires the .NET framework

  • - 30 dollars now but most full featured (does have free trial)
  • Pentabulous is free
  • Java whiteboard - only one for the mac

  • Integrated blue tooth
  • Connect the wiimote hold the player 1 and 2 buttons simultaneously
  • Run the whiteboard software (when it's connected the player 1 button should light)
  • Calibrate
  • 70% or better Tracking utilization gives best accuracy
  • Permanent mounting of wiimote is important
  • You can to a doupble wiimote cross
  • John used a camera tripod to mount the wiimote at the presentation and got a 52% accuracy
  • Penteractive ceiling mount clips into drop ceiling rails ($30)
  • Training the students is key (Whoa! there's a wiimote strapped the ceiling!)
  • Threaded wiimote cover ($3)

  • Google Earth was made for the this system
  • Google SketchUp
  • Review Games
  • Protein Modeling
  • Virtual Cell - Pearson
  • Assessment and review
  • Virtual Knee surgery
  • Timeline Creation
  • Concept Maps

Station activities make this system effective for encouraging student use

Assessment and Review
  • Google Web quizzes and have students come up and answer collaboratively

Battery life varies on use
  • The software monitors the wiimote battery life
  • rechargables
  • usb chargers

Mimeo works well with the wiiboard software
  • several support networks for this



jrsowash said...

Very thorough outline. You've got all the important stuff down! Nice to meet you at the conference. I hope we can continue our collaboration virtually.

Kit Hard said...

This was great session and I hope sharing my notes along with your presentation will help spread the good word. Nice job. See ya in the Twitterverse!