Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Link of the Week #12 - MailChimp

Email Marketing and Email List Manager | MailChimp

The excitement of another MACUL conference has started to wane and routine has started to set in, so I was excited when I received an e-newsletter from John Sowash. He used a web service called MailChimp to design and deliver a dynamic html styled newsletter to the mailing list he had gathered during his presentation.

John's e-newsletter stood out from the other messages in my inbox because MailChimp allows you to use templates and html coding to deliver what is essentially a web page embedded in an e-mail.

Another great feature is the unsubscribe option. Not everyone who gave me their e-mail address wants to continue receiving updates or links to the video tutorials I make.

Setting up a Free account allows you to send 3000 "campaign" messages per month before prompting you to upgrade. I could see teachers using this a means of delivering their class newsletter or having students produce a persuasive argument campaign.

There are also built in tools for building your social networks like twitter or to promote websites and blogs.

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jrsowash said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement and link. I've enjoyed using Mailchimp. Make sure you check out their subscription form (to add new people to your email list). It integrates into any blog or website. They also archive your emails with a permalink so that your subscribers can view past emails whenever they want.