Thursday, March 11, 2010

Liz Kolb- Connecting student cell pho...

Liz Kolb- Connecting student cell phones to classroom instruction.

Sustainability - as a tech coordinator, Liz felt that she was always struggling to technology into the hands of students and teachers.  Personal mobile devices seemed like one solution. - virtual business card using text message

Philosophy of BYOT - "Bring Your Own Technology"

Basic phones have many functionalities.  Basic txt messaging. MMS texting, phone calling

Cellphones are great because they "extend learning"

Also a useful Assistive Technology solution

Using wiffiti in Spanish class to anonymous editing of writing skills
KWL brainstorm
Grouped work

Film on the Fly: txt messaging film campaign.  The receive txt assignment from PBS. 48 hours to report.

Liz turned it into picture on the fly.  Find examples of Progress? or Progress!

Macul Picture on the Fly activity.  Using

Phone a friend: text a friend - pick one best person to get your answer from

Translated Shakespeare into txt speech. Voting on best translations. - teacher examples
  • museum scavenger hunt
  • ringtone periodical table rap
  • Author study - conduct an interview or record an author

  • Algebra quadratics assignemnt - yodio

Live podcasting

Surveys and quizzes

Note taking and organization:

    • useful as an assistive technology
    • speech to text translation
    • listen to websites and newsfeeds


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