Saturday, October 16, 2010

A month's worth of Twitter Favorites

Here a are a few of my favorite tweets from the past month. Too often, I favorite a tweet, bookmark a website, or star a blog post in my Google Reader but never go back to reflect and review these saved items.  I'm including an audio podcast of my reflection for those who would like to hear a little bit more about why I chose to save these tweets and my impression of the links they include.  Enjoy.
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p.s. People occasionally ask how I get my favorites list into the blog posts, so here's my big secret.  Go to, open your favorites, highlight, copy and paste into your blog. 

My Favorites

 Vicki Davis 

LiveWeb - insert and update web pages real-time in PowerPoint via @
 Alec Couros 

This is ! "The World Is Full of Interesting Things" - a fantastic example of a Google Prez. 
 Dolores Gende 

@ new blogger at Huffington Post writes "My Kids are Illiterate. Most Likely, Yours Are Too" 
 JackieGerstein Ed.D. 

Comic and Animation Technologies in the Classroom
 Dan Meyer 

"I never set out to become anything in particular, only to live creatively." Best video you'll see today. 
 Tony Vincent 

Allowing texting in the hallway between class, study hall, and at lunch has decreased sneak texting in class:
 Chris Atkinson 

Domain Gadget Directory Manager (DGDM) - Keeping your Google Sites Clean 
 Michael Kaechele 

I truly believe if we are giving students a quality education in a caring environment that parents will ignore Stan. Test scores good or bad
 Danny Maas 

This looks great!--> - Instant Web-Based Screen Sharing   

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