Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall family fun: Geocaching and podcasting together

My family and I enjoy the "Geek" sport of Geocaching.  Ok, it's not that geeky when you consider that it is great excuse to go outside and explore.  Plus there are a number of great classroom applications.   Of course there are a lot of math applications (calculating distances and geometry) or using the answers to math problems to complete missing coordinates.  And geocaching is well suited to teaching geography concepts and local history.  But you can also use caches for team building, campus orientations, or tie into the geocaching online community to build communication skill.  Regardless, it is a lot of fun.

My two children Bella and Tennyson helped me to make a quick podcast while we were out geocaching today at the Pine River Nature Center.  I had a little difficulty with our recordings and ended up using a couple different iPod touch apps (Voice and ipadio) to get the job done, but it was fun to record on the go.  Take a listen to get a better sense of what geocaching is all about.

Can't see the podcast player? Click here

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