Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting Started with Google Docs: Presentation and Ustream recording

I've been looking back at some of the professional development resources I developed over the summer. I managed to capture my Google Docs presentation in August using Ustream and even found a way to edit out a few miscellaneous minutes that were unrelated so that this post should serve as decent starting point for anyone wondering what all the fuss is about with Google Docs and cloud based office suites. The rest of my Google resources can be found here at my website.

One aspect of this presentation that I'm particularly keen on is the focus at the beginning on how I use Google Docs Presentations (think PowerPoint) to model Universal Design for Learning strategies. I'm the first person to tell you that slide shows of any sort are generally a drag to watch, but hyperlinks and embedded media plus the ability to share the presentation out to personal computing devices and smartphones makes Google Docs a new kind of beast in the world of information delivery. Several accessibility issues are addressed when you allow individuals to view along with you on the screen of their choice at their own pace with the ability to go backward or forwards 24 hours a day 7 days a week with or without the presenter. Add some audio or even a video like the one below and you've got a "multiple means of representation" dream come true. Throw in the fact that interactive links turn the viewer into a participant and you start see how traditional delivery via a PowerPoint projected on a wall just doesn't cut the mustard.    

My blog has been a bit quieter than I would like of late. September is a busy time for all of us in education, but hopefully the start of the school year has been as exciting for you as it has been for me. Enjoy the journey.

Can't see the presentation? Click Here

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Can't see the Ustream recording? Click here

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