Saturday, March 21, 2009

TI3 – Inquiry, Innovation, and Individualization

Sorry again for the unedited notes from MACUL

Working with a disruptive unmotivated population

Blended classroom

Using moodle – computerized everything he has.

Choosing to teach in the most effective manor regardless of the failed state outcomes

Teaching inquiry based requires some level of intrinsic motivation. His experience is it only works with motivated students.

Today's teacher has to be incredible. Normal won't cut it. Teachers last less than five years

Using a split class environment – computers for half and inquiry for half.

Has 16 computers for his room using a 10,000 dollar grant.

Project goals:

  • Every kid 100% engaged. They don't always finish, but they do work.
  • Inquire, Innovation (split the classs – essentially teaching 2 courses at once), individualization
  • Using 4 stations of 4 desktop computers
  • Does a physics demo using a nail bed but it doesn't work to engage.
  • Enrollement key moodle is course name small letters
  • Online Moodle assessments
  • Grade by assessment or portfolio – Demonstrate 70% satisfactory work
  • Late work is overlooked if it is completed


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