Saturday, March 21, 2009

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship - Jason Ohler

So I'm throwing my notes out to the ether in raw form.  Apologies for the errors, but I'll never get this blogging thing down if I wait for perfection. 

   Copyright is not the primary issue
  • redifining community

  • study what we use - with any tech or technique we should look at the impact, the value the cost

  • articulate our fears

  • write a new story

Every technology connects and disconnects
  • we fail to see the disconnect and understand the critical effects of any tech

  • What would the warning label be on the tech we adopt, how does it affect us socially, personally, physically.  Shine a flashlight the tools and see the scope of their impact.
Why are we uncomfortable with tech.

  • It's ubiquitous

  • it's invasive

  • it's rapidly changing

  • it's resocializing

  • sovereignty - who controls whom

  • technology is determining human endeavor - if you have the internet you will surf, if you have a car you will drive whether we need to or not.
We can have what we want
  • If you can have what we want we can have the school we want

  • It's not about the gear the it's about the story, what is the story we want to tell about our schools.  We have to engage proactively.
What's new
  • Disocciated action (place) many activities independent of where we are physcially

  • leveraged action (power) we can use a tool without seeing the effect

  • generalized action (anyone) ownership rights, copy right, asking the open ended questions about our digital actions
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What is our mantra?  not our mission statement
Be a de"tech"tive
Ask the questions
investigate, analyze, evaluate, and recommend.

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