Friday, February 10, 2012

A glimmer of PD hope. I hope.

It's easy to get bogged down by the "we can'ts", the "I can'ts", and the "ya buts" especially when you are trying to plan Professional Development. Helping others to feel empowered and inspired by education technology often reminds me of the Louis CK routine "Everything is amazing right now and nobody is happy."

Yesterday, in our PD planning session we started discussing the absence of students from our process. It was like a light bulb went off and our conversation went from "ya but's" to "oh ya's!" Here's a glimpse of what we proposed.

Goals for the day are to:
  • Reconvene the TTDN group and representative students to identify strengths and challenges with  implementation and to continue support of blended and 21st century learning
  • Change the conversation by adding the student voice to our learning about what works
  • Plan for future support and expansion
We are still working out the details, but I found myself excited and inspired by the prospects of including students in our PD.  Having students and teachers work alongside each other to learn new ways of integrating technology in the classroom makes sense to me. It's actually the way we integrated technology in my school most of the time.

Do you have experience bringing students into the conversation? Please share your comments below.

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Pete Spencer said...

All I know is that at about 10:00 a.m. on the first school day after our students took home their iPads, one of our students emailed us a couple of pages of notes he'd created in his high school physics class using Paperport Notes. It included typing, handwritten notes, and color highlighting. Shortly after that he emailed me (from his iPad, no doubt) asking how to bring a photo into the notes pages. I told him how.

Haven't seen the result of that yet, but I heard that he took a photo of the teacher's board (with the teacher's permission) and was going to do something with that. His teacher was excited about the possibilities the iPad held.

Another student explained that using the iPad to enter notes allowed her to finally get down all the notes one of her teachers presented.

Another just told me that she wrote a whole paper using QuickOffice Pro and printed it using a wireless printer.

Another student told us he forgot about a test in his online course and missed the window for taking it. We reminded him to all the dates of future assignments and exams into his iStudiez calendaring app. His eyes lit up. It was kind of a Doh! moment. Hopefully the future ones are entered now.

The list goes on and on, and it's only been less than a week. Can't wait to see what they do in a month!