Friday, August 13, 2010

Go Search Yourself - Link of the week

Here's a fun little weekend project using Google's Search Stories courtesy of Jeff Utecht and his excellent blog The Thinking Stick.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to present several sessions on Google Apps to the folks Mattawan, Michigan.  I usually include an image of myself stilt walking entitled "Who I Am" to make sure I don't forget to introduce myself.  I was feeling the pull to try a new introduction and Jeff's post about Google's Search Stories inspired me to create the following.


I don't "Google" particularly well since both my first name and last name are commonly used words, but I still found a way to convey who I am through search.  This is a nice activity for highlighting the importance of managing our digital identities, and I really like Jeff's suggestions of using Search Stories to do a comparative activity.

I have had a wonderful summer "twibattical" taking a brief hiatus from all things digital, but I'm back and looking forward to an exciting year of sharing and learning with you all.

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