Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Link of the Week #10 - Producer desktop app

I'm a big fan of tools that allow you to broadcast and record presentations, meetings, and tutorials.  I've used in the past to make tutorials for my students and also as means of broadcasting school-wide activities like the Constitution Day broadcast I wrote about here.

Ustream recently recently released a desktop application which allows you to produce your Ustream broadcasts without using their web based tools.  It loads quickly and has a relatively intuitive interface which allows you to blend screensharing, video clips, images, and audio files along with your webcam images.

Normally this would be a good opportunity to embed my own Ustream created overview of this tool, but Dean Mantz who tweets as @dmantz7 saw my twitter post about the Ustream Producer and has created a nice overview of the tool.  Thanks Dean, for the shout out at the beginning of the tutorial and permission to embed the video below here in my post!


Divergent Learner said...

Thanks Kit and Dean ... I downloaded the Mac version earlier today and have started playing with it. Dean, thanks for the video tutorial. I have been unhappy with Livestream Procaster (Mac Beta) since I downloaded it a few weeks ago .. so looking forward to this Ustream tool ... looks much better so far.

Chad Pope said...

When I was a students at Connecticut School of Broadcasting I learned to make screencasts using Screenflow on the Mac. Looks like Ustream's new tool is something I should check out. Thanks for making this tutorial.