Thursday, October 15, 2009

To blog or microblog?

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Last week I "lurked" in on an e-learning course led by Alec Couros featuring edublogger Sue Waters on the topic of Educational Blogging and Personal Learning Networks.  I have been working on developing my blog this year, but often find it languishing with long periods of neglect.  I wonder if I have anything valuable to say and wonder if anyone is listening?

Much of the conversation in last week's blogging discussion centered around the comments and discussions that exist after the blog is posted.  I have not had any comments so far, or so I thought, until I checked a few minutes ago and found that two comments posted weeks ago by my colleague were waiting in my comment moderation queue.  I've opened up my comment moderation settings and set my e-mail notification up so hopefully I won't miss any more.  

Which brings me to the point of my post.  I have also started using Twitter this year -  Sure, many of my posts fall silently into the twitter stream, but some have generated responses or been retweeted.  Because of Twitter I can say that I am being heard and that I am part of a Professional Learning Network.  So far I cannot say the same of blogging.  

So should I continue to blog?  The value of a long form writing platform has its place and I have turned to blogging as public repository for what I've learned and what I feel I can teach.  But the quick format of Twitter has made what I am doing visible to others in a very immediate way and helped connect me with other ed tech professionals.   

What do you think?


jansegers said...

Continue to blog and refer to your blogarticles from your twitter account.

Do also create an ,, and account and do the same over there.

Use always the same profile picture and username to create a sort of online iconographic identity.

And post the links on all these platforms.

Do consider to use facebook and linkedin as well...

Pieter Jansegers

BTW there are dozens of other microblogs, all major languages have at least one especially used in that language.

PS English, French and Spanish post seem to be welcome all over the world.

Unknown said...

Good suggestions, Pieter. I have been thinking about my online identity as I create accounts with the various social networks and started using a similar profile and picture. But I had not thought about how I can reach professionals in other languages. I may have to rely on Google's translator since my Spanish is limited and my French is even worse. Cheers.

jansegers said...

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