Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Video - Using the Assistive Touch setting on the iPad

I wanted to share a brief video overview of the assistive touch features for the iPad. This feature could be useful for anyone with limited mobility or fine motor control such as a student with Cerebral palsy.

In particular, I created this screencast to help support a high school student with CP. He was able to control the iPad quite well using one finger in most cases but had difficulty accessing any of the physical button. He also could not perform any of the multi-touch gestures.

On a personal note I found this feature useful after I broke my hand this winter and lost some control over my right ring finger. I had difficulty performing 4 and 5 finger swipes on the ipad for several months and used the assistive touch as an alternative means of accessing these features.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Curating the web with

I'm exploring options for curating and sharing the web as I find apps, articles and how-to's that support student centered learning. As you can see from the screenshot of my Chrome toolbar, I haven't exactly settled on one tool to use.

Diigo,,, livebinders, edmodo, twitter, pinterest - What tool are you using curate the web?