Wednesday, November 12, 2008


One of my favorite education technology blogs "The Power of Educational Technology" by Liz Davis, recomended the website Quizlet.  This website is chalk full of premade flash cards covering a variety of subject areas, but I was most impressed by the ability for students and teachers to create their own flash cards and to develop study groups around shared flash cards.  There's even an iPhone application.

Check it out and feel free to post classroom uses and examples in the comments section.

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John Weidner said...

You might also like StudyStack. Students and teachers can enter flashcards and the site provides 10 different activities to use to study them - flashcards, matching, hangman, crossword, bug chase, study table, study stack, word search, fill in the blank, and word scramble. Flashcards can also be saved to your cell phone, PDA, or iPod.